Dragan Glavasic:

Patriots are those that love, protect and champion our Realm [all that we intrinsically belong to]; traitors are the enemies from within thus they openly or clandestinely assist our outside enemies.

Each large human community (for instance, the Germans or the Serbs or the Italians) innately comprise the following four groups:

They are some 5% of the entire population.  Those are some flawed creatures; actually, mostly are: perverts, thieves, liars, immoral scum, creeps, traitors, psychopaths, degenerates and assorted deformities.  It’s a legion of cognitive corpses or deplorable slime.  Essentially all those mentally deranged, transgender maniacs, genetic deformities, gays and lesbians, feminists, subhuman worshipers and inducers of race mixing, masochists, crooks are by far the worst sediments within the populace; hence, in an advanced society, those buckets of slime will be in a prison or in a loony bin, will be under a strict control thus will not reproduce or spread their madness, nastiness.  In a deviant country, from this despicable group mostly come politicians, media whores and all those at the key positions in society.
Mediocrities are some 80% of the people.  Those are the members of the herd.  Nothing is clearly understood by them, nothing affects them too much: they are not aware of anything.  Enough food and sufficient shelter is the extent of their concern.  The sheep are meant to be shorn and culled.  They just love to watch television, hence, do (or think) as the media tells them.  Mediocrities are always for those that are in charge (at that moment) and as the power structure changes their attitudes are altered as well. [Whoever is in power, remains in power thanks to this amorphous mass.] They can be destructive or constructive: depending on who is in charge.  In a deviant society, the worst of them will imitate the mental defectives; while in a proper union, the best of them will emulate the patriots.  In a bad country, they are deemed as: artist, intellectuals, writers, composers, celebrities, film directors, college professors, etc.
Enlightened are awaken or aware members of the population or those that have a mental capacity to be elevated.  These comprise some 10% of the society, hence, together with the patriots are the only hope for the survival and advancement or prosperity of the people [race, culture, civilization].
This, the most remarkable group, is 5% of the total.  Those are the smartest men and the best within a given community.  In a good commonwealth, patriots are in power, are the leaders, artists, intellectuals, scientists, philosophers, writers, composers, mathematicians, inventors, creators… In a bad one, they are persecuted, harassed, arrested, starved, ignored, killed, degraded, terrorized, ridiculed, hampered…

The people will survive and prosper or will suffer and be extinct: in regard whether the patriots [EP] or the defectives [MM] rule.  Hence, the real patriots must be in charge or ought to unite and organize in order to take over!  In other words, they have a moral responsibility to govern indefinitely.

Only 3% of the population took part in the American Revolution (1775-1783) thus have defeated England (the most powerful regime at the time).

[This text exclusively corresponds to adult male population.  Female portion of society could be best described as 100% mediocrities, mental defectives and total masochists.]